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  • Welcome to the San Andreas Multiplayer France community platform

    The site that brings together the French community. Come and converse on the forum, download or share resources,
    have fun on blogs or start your own blog, or share your knowledge or learn more with the tutorial area.

  • About SA:MP

    San Andreas: Multiplayer (SA: MP) is a free multiplayer PC mod for the game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (tm) existing since 2005.

    Play with your friends, develop a gamemode, create a community or embark on a server adventure! SA-MP has no limits and gives you full control over your environment. The only limit is your imagination !

  • You are a player ?

    Have you ever imagined playing on a server with hundreds of players, at the same time, on one of the most legendary games of the GTA saga?

    Dream no more! An infinite number of game modes are available on thousands of servers: Roleplay of all kinds (flexible, strict, military, zombie, ...), RPG, Cops'n'Robbers, Freeroam, Deathmatch, Derby, Multimodes ... And many others !

    Don't wait any longer, download the client files, start SA-MP and join a server!

  • You are a devloper ?

    Make your dreams come true!

    Create your scripts using all the possibilities at your disposal, host your server and unleash your creativity!

    Endless possibilities are available to you, all in an easy-to-access programming language! Creating a gamemode has never been easier!

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Site officiel SA-MP


Email : contact@sa-mp-fr.com

Communauté San Andreas Multiplayer France


🇫🇷 Français
La plateforme San Andreas Multiplayer France (sa-mp-fr.com) est un site communautaire indépendant mettant en avant la communauté française du mod San Andreas Multiplayer (SA:MP).


sa-mp-fr.com et son contenu ne sont pas affiliés à Rockstar Games, Rockstar North ou Take-Two Interactive Software Inc.

Grand Theft Auto et Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas sont des marques déposées de Take-Two Interactive Software Inc.



🇺🇸 English

The San Andreas Multiplayer France platform (sa-mp-fr.com) is an independant website community highlighting the french community from San Andreas Multiplayer (SA:MP).


sa-mp-fr.com is not affiliated with or endorsed by Rockstar Games, Rockstar North ou Take-Two Interactive Software Inc.

Grand Theft Auto and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas are registered trademarks of Take-Two Interactive Software Inc.

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